Welcome to Focus School Plymouth Campus!

Focus School Plymouth Campus is a successful school with ambition, underpinned by clear goals, to become a global leader in education within the next three years. At the heart of our mission to develop life ready students who learn how to learn are our OneSchool Global values: respect, commitment, care & compassion, integrity and responsibility.

Children have one childhood and we believe each day of it should be filled with inspirational and unforgettable learning experiences. Thus, the life of our school is driven by enthusiasm and a desire to achieve; we constantly celebrate success to maintain this. Our students are encouraged to become considerate and responsible members of society, and we want them to experience the joys of learning, discovery, challenge and adventure in an appropriately nurturing environment.

We believe that teamwork is pivotal to success, and our education provision is founded on a partnership principle; everyone is involved – students, parents, staff, Trustees and the wider community. We have a talented teaching team dedicated to striving for excellence in teaching and providing a range of outstanding opportunities beyond the classroom.


Partnership is pivotal to our success. As such, we think it’s important for us all to know who does what at our campus.


Plymouth Campus has clearly defined leadership and management.

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Teaching and Support Staff

We have a committed and well qualified staff team whose roles are multi-functional.

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Safeguarding is at the heart of all that we do at Focus School Plymouth Campus.

We have dedicated strategic and operational leadership teams for safeguarding governance.

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Key Information 

Upon arrival at Plymouth Campus, and after the appropriate checks and signing in, visitors are issued with a Vistors’ Leaflet. 

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For our most recent inspection report please click on the link below:
ISI Inspection Report April 2019

Inspection Report 2016 Download