18 Mar

  • By Communications

The Year 8’s recently held their very own ‘Dragon’s Den’ as part of their Citizenship lessons with Mrs Hillier.  They had to come up with an idea for a charity which would  support a group with a particular need, that they believed they could help.

They then had to come up with a presentation about their idea and pitch it to the group of ‘Dragons’ – Mr Loze, Mrs Lawes, Mr Street and Mr Ant Jenner. They were asking them to invest £5000 in their charity to enable them to get it up and running and help their group in need. They had to explain why they wanted to support this particular group and what they would spend the £5000 on and why. The Dragons gave them a score out of 10 in several different categories to come up with a winning team.

The different groups were:-

‘Able for Disabled’ –  Helping lesser abled children.  (Acacia, Camellia, Gianina, Tayla)

‘Cancer Aid’ – Helping cancer victims (Alysha, Blakeley, Dulcie, Madison)

‘H.E.L.P. (Help Every Lonely Person)’ – Helping children who have lost a parent or carer. (Joanna, Mahalah, Taneisha, Vienna)

‘Help for Homeless’ – Helping homeless people. (Brentley, Harry, Oakley)

‘Help! The Disabled Children!’ – Helping disabled children. (Braden, William)

‘Homes for Heroes’ – Helping ex-servicemen. (Ludi)

‘Support the Soldiers’ – Helping homeless veterans. (Colby)

The winning team was….. ‘Able for Disabled’ – well done!