05 May

  • By Communications

Public speaking is the biggest anxiety that people experience. At Focus School Plymouth we realise that it is one of the most vital skills you could ever develop in your life and could be the deciding factor for many significant or important points in our life.

As a result, for the first time, some students have started taking LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts). LAMDA is a public speaking exam board. Once you reach grade 6 it becomes a level 3 examination, which is the same as an A Level qualification. LAMDA is recognised internationally. LAMDA examinations are taken in 32 different countries; they are the biggest exam board for performance and communication in the world. In fact LAMDA is one of the highest certifications you can receive in public speaking.

This starting with some of us year 12 students. We work within small groups, we are able to work together with our teacher to prepare for graded exams that will give us an indication of our standard and progression. We have just taken our grade five and are aiming to all reach our grade 8 before leaving in year 13.

Currently here at Focus School Plymouth we are taught by a LAMDA specialist Mrs Vanessa McCarthy. She teaches the largest amount of students taking LAMDA Exams in the UK and holds an incredible 99% pass rate.

We have all thoroughly enjoy the lessons and can’t wait to find out how we have done in our first examination. Hopefully many oncoming students in the school will get the brilliant opportunity to gain the qualification and, more importantly, become confident at public speaking.

Truan Ellis