23 Nov

  • By Communications

On Wednesday 3rd April the Primary students held their Business Enterprise event. Read on to hear about the event from the primary students themselves, and see some photos of the occasion.

‘For the primary business enterprise, we had to think of an idea for a business for the event at the end of the term. We had to calculate the purchasing costs, ideal selling price and profit, as well as consider our target market and advertising. This all had to be pitched to the business panel, led by Mr Prisgrove and they decided how much start-up money each business would be given. We could then start organising the purchasing and marketing for our stall.

 Thank you to everyone for all your support at the event on 3rd April. After repaying our start-up loan, we could all calculate our profit. The total raised on the day was a staggering £507 and the winning team was Home Sweets Home. Special mention to Bronte Welch, Darien Coates, Georgina Buckley and Trixie Wallis, who were nominated by their group leaders, for their exceptional work across the course of this project. The Year 6 group leaders will be coordinating how the profits are spent and we will let you know what is purchased with the profit.’

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