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Highlights of 2016

We have recently been reflecting back over the past calendar year. We asked the students to tell us what they regarded a

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Video – Top Chef Competition 2016

The Top Chef Competition….the Great Plymouth Campus Bake Off… has definitely become a highlight of the schoo

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Video – Celebration of Talent

At the end of the autumn term we enjoyed a very full performance of talent from all school years. There were choirs, ban

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Video – Primary Production of Oliver Twist !

We agree, this is a rather belated release! At the end of the Summer Term in 2016, the Primary Students impressed their


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Video – World Book Day – 10/03/2017

World Book Day is always an exciting event on the primary school’s calendar, and this year was no exception.  Cli


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Message from the Headteacher

Where does the time go? We have only been back for a week or so and already plans are being put forward to the half-term


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House Names For OneSchool Global

From January 2017 OneSchool will adopt new house names and emblems for the purposes of sporting and scholastic events.


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Video – Charity Fundraising Day at Plymouth Campus – July 2016

A Charity Day was held during July at our campus to raise funds for charity. Each House Group of students were given the


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SDL Classroom Upgrade Competition 2016

View our students as they work hard at transforming one of our classrooms into a learning centre style room, and go on t


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Video – Sports Day 2016

View our students as they do their best to win points for their house team. Professional timing equipment was used for t