13 Nov

  • By Communications

We’re pleased to say that Plymouth Campus have submitted 2 entries for the competition.  Now we eagerly await the results – but we’ll have to be patient!  It’s important to remember that this is not about winning (we can always be hopeful!)  The aim of the competition is to increase awareness of the OneSchool Values.

The competition timeline is set out below:

  • Friday 28 September to Friday 9 November (Weeks 1 through 6) – program launched, and students produce submissions over five weeks.
  • Friday 16 November (Week 7) – Campuses review submissions and decide two (2) videos to proceed to state (in AU context) level
  • Friday 23 November (Week 8) – States (or equivalent) decide their two submissions to go through to regional
  • Friday 30 November (Week 9) – Regions decide two (2) submissions to go through to global finals
  • Friday 7 December (Week 10) – Global winners determined