19 Jan

  • By bpallister

OneSchool Global House Logos - Plymouth Campus UKFrom January 2017 OneSchool will adopt new house names and emblems for the purposes of sporting and scholastic events.  These new names and emblems will represent the spirit of the school’s global house teams.  The decision to have names was taken to give consistency throughout the OneSchool Global community.  Until now, each school had its own system and set of colours and in some cases, names, which lacked clarity or purpose.

The OneSchool Global community has worked hard over the past few months to make sure that both students and teachers had input into the new names.  Three RPs from around the world, including Australia’s Woodthorpe School RP Paul Maher, coordinated the process with a series of Global Telecommunications Meetings (GTMs) between the RPs and students.

“There was one RP each from New Zealand, North America and Australia, but it was the students who did all the grunt work,” said Paul.  “They set up a Smartsheet voting system for names, logos and slogans.  The majority vote was presented to the Global RP Team who then agreed and presented to the Global Board for approval.”

North America and the United Kingdom have rolled out the names, with North America also trialling the new house points system.

We welcome:

The Troopers – Fiercely we fight
The Warriors – Roar with pride
The Raiders – Tough in rough