From intake at Year 3 when our students are equipped with learning skills for life, through to Year 13 when they have become self-directed learners, it’s the principle of learning to learn which is empowering them to take charge of their own learning and pursue their own outcomes.

Our students are the at the very heart of our efforts, and are simply the most important personnel in the campus, and indeed the entire OneSchool education system.

It’s the opportunities that the students make for themselves that are leading to the deeper and richer learning experiences; it’s the way that students engage with their learning that is driving them forward and it’s the provision of the all-inclusive learning environment that is allowing every student to succeed, not only academically but in learning how to learn so that they can face the on-going challenges of life with method and confidence.

Our students have a clear sense of ownership, belonging, and contribution to the good of the whole.  Peer support and teamwork is strong, and this tends to spread across age ranges and year group quite freely, creating a genuine community feel to the environment.

Given scope to investigate, explore and evaluate, students are now more than able to take the initiative in their own learning programmes, in styles and environments that they understand and enjoy.

Teachers consistently find they are creative, interested and converse well with adults.

A recent school inspection report states:

“Relationships between adults and pupils and among pupils themselves are very strong, creating a positive learning environment in which pupils feel valued, secure and supported”

Schools are encouraged to have a pro-active School Council that facilitates a structured approach to the power of student voice and allows it to have a meaningful impact on school organisation and activity. Students share in the wider school vision and often have a part in teacher interviews, curriculum changes and timetabling.

Want to help students like these achieve their full potential in life? Come and join us!