In 2014, Focus School issued a new primary curriculum based on on the brand-new National Curriculum framework. It was the culmination of a collaborative process which consulted with many professional colleagues and practitioners throughout the Focus organisation. This was a major step for Focus which was very well received in our schools and has proved itself over the last two years. It is and will remain a live programme, to ensure it continually provides for and leads to the best possible learning outcomes for our primary students.

Students begin to integrate the skills of SDL into their learning in Year 3. As they progress through the primary years, they take increasing responsibility for their learning in preparation for Year 7, where their learning is primarily self-directed.

Classes are generally small and of mixed ability, therefore the transition from teacher-directed to self-directed learning fits well with our schools structurally and with our goal for developing self-directed learners with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values for lifelong learning.

Our Primary Curriculum at Focus School Plymouth Campus

For an overview of the Primary Curriculum please click the link below:

For the academic year 2018 to 2019 we are following the ‘Close to Home’ curriculum for Autumn.

For Spring we will follow the ‘All Change’ module, and for Summer we will follow ‘Journey to the Unknown’.

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