Teamwork and Decisions – Skills Needed to Work in the UK Government Are Also Needed in the Primary

During Parliament Week, Y3 – 6 combined and decided they would like to find out more about government and democracy in the UK.  They decided on their groups and, after a class discussion, selected which part of our UK government they would like to find out more about.  They carried out their research ready to present this in their chosen form.  Selected topics included how laws are passed, what the Queen’s role is,  what the difference is between Peers and Lords in the Houses of Parliament and how the government in the UK developed.

Student comments included:

“I really enjoyed working with a Year 3, I think it helped us get to know each other, we should do it again.”
“It was good to be able to choose what we wanted to find out about and then work out how to do this as a team.”
“It was interesting that find out what the Queen does for the government.”