Year 5/6 Students recently enjoyed a trip to Falmouth Maritime Museum.  The agenda was very tight, with a long journey for some of the students, and staff at the museum made sure every second of the visit was enjoyable.  The morning workshop was “Tudors”.  We studied paintings of Queen Elizabeth the First and Sir Frances Drake and learned how to “read” the painting.  How they dressed told us a lot about how they lived.  Our guide then unrolled a giant Tudor map of the world and we studied the voyages of Tudor mariners.  We learned about pirates, how they planned their attacks and what sort of treasure they sailed home with.  Spices from India, China from China, Jewellery & Gold from America, just to mention a few!

Falmouth Trip – Focus School Plymouth

In the afternoon the students took part in a “power of the wind” workshop.  Working in pairs, they used recycled packaging to make their own sailing ships.  They then competed against each other in a boat race on the museum pool – it had fans blowing from one direction to simulate outdoor conditions.  Well done to Madison Jones and Tayla Greeno for winning – their boat sailed across the pool without hesitation and won triumphantly!