The Great New Business Show

The Year 5/6 students have recently become inventors as part of their SDL work!   The task was to invent a new product, design a prototype, evaluate cost, mark-up and profit and to think about marketing and how to present it on the day. Their new business ideas were displayed in the hall and visitors had to complete voting slips to judge.   This was a very difficult task, as all the students did exceptionally well.



A special “Well Done” to Camellia Parson, who came 1st place!

Her carefully designed slippers with LED lights were the top-voted business overall.  The time and effort she put in could be seen in her clear presentation, profit calculations and well thought-out design.  Also, her video marketing was both amusing and convincing!

2nd Place Winner – Leia  Buckley


3rd Place Winner – Gianina Ellis


Winners for each category were:


Most unique idea – Joanna Welch

Most creative – Camellia Parson

Best spelling and grammar – Gianina Ellis

Best presentation – Megan Dobbs

Best cost and profit calculations – Oakley Parson

Best designs – Camellia Parson

Most realistic pricing – Harry Lyon

Most persuasive – Colby Ellis

Most likely to succeed – Leia Buckley

Mot helpful to society – Mahalah Ellis